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The Domain Testing Workbook - BBST

All students who sign up for the Domain Testing course must have successfully completed the BBST® Test Design course.

Altom, in collaboration with Kaner, Fiedler & Associates, LLC, is offering a new generation of public BBST® courses, with the BBST® Domain Testing course being the fourth one in the series.

This course is about a single testing technique—domain testing. It teaches a risk-based approach to domain testing and helps you gain competence in the technique through extensive practice.

Domain testing is primarily a sampling strategy:

  • Divide the possible values of a variable into subsets of values that are similar in some way (we’ll call them equivalent).
  • Design your test to use only one or two values from each subset. Pick extreme values (we’ll call them boundaries) that maximize the likelihood of exposing a bug.

You might already be familiar with equivalence class analysis or boundary testing. This course goes beyond that.
You will work through a set of real-world applications that is:

  • Broad enough for you to learn the scope of the technique.
  • Detailed enough for you to develop this skill by practicing, getting feedback and trying again until you can do it well.

Course Details:

Fully Online

4 weeks of classes

1 capstone project

Registration 2019

Jun 9 – Jul 6


Cem Kaner

Ru Cindrea

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Cem Kaner

BBST Instructor and Content owner
Cem Kaner is a Professor of Software Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology. He teaches and does research in software engineering, primarily software testing, software metrics, and computer law & ethics.

His career is centered around a consistent theme: enhancing the satisfaction and safety of software customers, users, and developers.

Alexandra Casapu

BBST Instructor
Alexandra Casapu specializes in exploratory testing using heuristics and testing techniques adapted to context. She enjoys coaching and mentoring other testers, shaping teams, and company-wide testing approaches, as well as doing hands-on testing.

Currently, she is testing music production software at Native Instruments, while contributing to the Quality community of practice within the company.
In her free time, she enjoys learning about security analysis, improving her programming and hacking skills, and cultivating critical thinking around.

Ru Cindrea

BBST Instructor
Ru Cindrea is a senior test consultant and managing partner at Altom Consulting, focusing on test management and mobile software testing.
With over 10 years of experience, she believes all testing is exploratory and she is currently working with the Finnish testing community on building a strong group of testing professionals.