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Live webinar with Ru Cindrea: Lessons Learned from the Worst Bug I Ever Found

Watch the recording of this webinar from March 7, 2018 to learn about Ru’s story of the worst bug she ever found and the lessons learned from this experience. Based on this example she explains the RIMGEN framework, signal detection theory and other bug investigation concepts taught in the BBST Bug Advocacy course. If you’re thinking about taking Bug Advocacy, you will get a good preview of the course contents from this webinar.

You can access the slides here.


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Ru Cindrea

About Ru Cindrea

Ru Cindrea is a senior test consultant and managing partner at Altom. With more than ten years of experience in software testing, she is particularly interested in mobile testing and test automation with a special interest in mobile games. Ru is an instructor in the Black Box Software Testing series offered by Altom in collaboration with Kaner, Fiedler & Associates.

Webinar with Cem Kaner: An Introduction to Domain Testing

Webinar with Cem Kaner: An Introduction to Domain Testing

Watch the recording of the webinar with Cem Kaner from January 4, 2018:

Download the slides here.

Host: Alexandra Casapu

Description of the webinar:

Whether you want to prepare for the upcoming BBST Domain Testing class or you simply want to learn more about domain testing, you are welcome to join this one-hour session.

Cem will discuss:
• what is domain testing
• what it is not
• examples of how to use this technique

We’ll make sure to leave plenty of time for addressing questions from you.

BBST Domain Testing  || Jun 9 – Jul 6 2019

Last seats available for this year’s Domain Testing course with Cem Kaner.

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